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Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 24

Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 24

(4:21 pm Saturday Nov 24, 2007)

*** A Lonely Room

Ah well gentle reader, you might think the joy and elation of winning might carry over and lead to some serious over achievement for a day or so after. Alas, not so in my case this year it seems.

Life interrupts art.

Let's just see if we can avoid a total collapse shall we?

(4:38 pm Saturday Nov 24, 2007)

Well yeah, sure. It would be nice but how.

*** 38' Cheoy Lee Ketch - Up Around Nun Jack, Abaco

Well that mean bull had bothered them for the rest of the day and into the night. You would think he had a personal beef with either Fred, Golden Child, or maybe even the Cheoy Lee...

Several times during the rest of the day, he had wondered off and faded from sight in the turtle grass in the distance, only to come streaking back in when Fred had dared to get back in the water in an effort to dive up the chest sitting right there on the sandy bottom below the ketch.

Fred didn't bother trying to get back in the water after nightfall, but the bull still kept showing himself and bumping the bottom and messing about with the anchour rhode every once in a while.

So, come morning, when there was no sign of the bull for an hour or two after sunrise, Fred decided to try and dive up the chest once again.

Golden Child stood watch while he slipped quietly into the water, took a breath and flipped his legs and fins up into the air and propelled himself to the bottom taking a line to the bottom with him.

Working quickly, he tied the rope around the chest and secured it as best he could in a rush, and then headed back to the surface.

So, once back in the cockpit, he and Golden Child pull the chest up with the rope. It is dicey for a bit, almost coming out of his efforts at securing it, but he manages to grab it just before things go completely south.

They take it down into the cabin and put it on the table on a folded beach towel.

Describe the chest here... old... odd metal in good condition... maps engraved on the surface...

Excitement shows on both of their faces, their breathing is shallow and a bit ragged, Golden Child gets a large flat head screw driver from the tool box and tried using it as a crow bar to break the lock of the chest.

She works at it for a while without making any major progress and then Fred takes a try at it as well. He struggles mightily for a good while with little progress to show for his efforts except for a beginning blister in the webbing between his right thumb and index finger.

Golden Child went back to the tool box and got some lubricant spray and sprayed it in the lock and then sat down with various bits of metal from the tool box and the kitchen drawers and tried her hand at picking the lock.

Fred left her at it for a while trying to sit patiently but getting more and more impatient as time wore on. He finds he can't take it and goes searching about the boat looking for something else to attack the lock with.

He is up in the cockpit looking under the seats when he hears a victory yell come from Golden Child down below.

It doesn't take him long to get back below.

"You got it!"

"I got it baby. I got it."

"Well, let's see what we got then."

(6:26 pm Saturday Nov 24, 2007)

They lift the lid together as they stare expectantly towards the box. As the lid goes up their faces get closer and closer, peering into the box to discover its contents.

At first they both experience a bit of a let down. Sure, it is a treasure of sorts. Some gold coins that neither recognize at first, some golden jewelry with some gem stones down on the bottom, but not much compared to the size of the chest.

Fred starts to carefully take the contents out of the chest a piece at a time and rest them on another beach towel on the table. When the chest is almost empty, He removes a small purple felt bag with draw string top. "I wonder what is in here?" says Fred as he picks it up.

"Open it up then and let's see."

(6:39 pm Saturday Nov 24, 2007)

Golden Child draws in a sharp breath of surprise as Fred takes a small silver cylinder out of the purple felt bag. "What is it Goldy?"

Golden Child is struck dumb. What to do. She can't tell him what she knows, but she can't hold back on her new life partner. "Ah... Um... Ah..."


"Open it up and let's see what's inside."

"Do you know what this is?"

"Just open it please Fred. Don't ask me any more questions until I have a chance to sort things out in my mind after I see what's inside."

"What do you mean what's inside? This opens up?"

"Can I have it please? Pass it over and I will show you."

"OK, knock yourself out," he says handing it over to her.

(7:36 pm Saturday Nov 24, 2007)

Golden Child fiddled with the cylinder for a while but didn't seem to be able to open it. Fred got a little antsy and went over an put on the radio.

when you're home and lonely
on a friday night
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

when the days grow longer
and the night's too bright
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

when your best emotion's
either fight or flight
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

when your heart comes crashin
to the ground at night
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

"Yeah! Got it!" exclaims Golden Child as the cylinder comes apart in the middle and she opens it and takes out a rolled up bit of vellum inside with some notes and drawings one one side and a map on the other side.

"Let me see."

"Hold on, let me look at it a bit first."

(7:57 pm Saturday Nov 24, 2007)

(8:56 pm Saturday Nov 24, 2007)

*** A Lonely Room

Where does the time go? Slithering down some temporal black hole like snake that opens its maws to swallow your life whole. Don't let it! Hold your shinai sideways if you have to.

Each moment is precious. Don't let it get away.

Yeah, right, Fearless Reader. That may be all well and good and true, but what a fight that is hey? What a fight...

If only I could get in the flow more this year. If only. If only... One of the chief opponents. If only. And you can tell Mary I said that if you dare.

I just can't get any speed going tonight at all. Think. Think. Think.

*** Marshy Areas On The Eastern Part Of Grand Bahama Island

When our three friends awoke, they were in dire straights. Dehydrated, hungry, not knowing where they were. But Jack was happy. Cheerful even. This made Mandy and Sarai a little more than peeved to say the least. Mandy felt like throwing him back in the ocean and letting him float away until he could float no more. Sarai wanted to dig him a shallow grave and invite him to take a rest.

Jack was oblivious until they spelled it out for him.

"Jack! Cut it out!"

"Cut what out Mandy?"

"Being so cheerful!" said Sarai, "What is wrong with you?"

"Wrong with me? Nothing is wrong with me. What is wrong with you?"

"Oh, I don't know, one or two little things I am sure."

"Right, little things, but look at the big things that are right with you. Buck up girls, we need to get moving."

"Moving, where to? We don't know where we are."

"Well, while you two were getting your beauty rest, I did a little exploring, off to the east there is nothing but a lot of water for people who have boats as large as the ones we are carrying. Off to the west, there is a creek with some more land. I say we head west."

"Jack, I say we stay put and try to find something to make a signal fire tonight when the sun goes down."

"I really think we should get going Jack," says Mandy again, "what do you think Sarai."

"As much as I hate to say it, and as much as I would just like to lie down again and sleep forever, I think Jack is right. BUT Jack, when the day starts to wind down, we need to keep Mandy's idea in mind. We need to start gathering something to burn and stop in time to gather more and try setting a fire tonight as a signal. Someone may be looking for us and see it?"

"OK, let's gather up our gear and head out then."

"Do we have to? What good are fins and masks going to do us on a land trek?"

"We are going to come to a creek soon, Who knows what else we will have to cross before we get some where we can feel safe again."

"OK, you win."

"Here, everyone have a sip of water before we move out."

"Jack! Where did you get water?"

"A man has to have his little secrets ladies. Have your sip and let's get a move on. Don't drink too much, we may need to make it last."

After they each have a small sip, they all feel a tiny bit better and shuffle off to the west along the beach, single file, down near the water's edge.

(9:31 pm Saturday Nov 24, 2007)

*** Shack Near Beach

so, no sigh of them yet?
nope, no sigh. they say they will keep looking though.
ok, well, let's hope they get lucky. it has been too long already
yes it has, but you say your friend Jack is good in the water?
yes, he's good, now if it was my other friend down here sam...
he can't swim?
oh, he could swim, just not too good like
and you haven't give him lessons yet
i tried, he doesn't want to learn that from me it seems
well, tech him anyway, island people needs to know
you tell him that, he is a lot bigger than me
tell im? i'll tell im. put im on?
he is not here now brad, but i will be sure to let you speak to him soon
you do that cuz.
later fa you cuz, later fa you

Ronnie goes back to his extended brain dump session. It is almost as if he is obsessed with capturing his every thought and inspiration for some reason he cannot yet pin down no matter how much he tries. So he keeps dumping.


I want a salt water woman
To sail with through this life
Find me a salt water woman
To be my salt water wife


I need some new... love
Red white and blue... love
How do you do... love
From a true American Girl


He feels a great tiredness in his very bones, but he doggedly keeps the dump going.


I will sing you a song in the night
I will sing dear and try sing it right
Let the words flow and wander where they might
I will sing you a song in the night

I will take you to see true delight
I will show you this note if I might
Let the tune free to wander where it might
I will take you to see true delight


(9:54 pm Saturday Nov 24, 2007)

*** A Lonely Room

And Out!

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