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Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 16

Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 16

(2:30 pm Friday Nov 16, 2007)

*** A Lonely Room

Yeah, right, what a coincidence. But I am not really going to get to start just yet. I have to make a school run in a bit gentle reader.

(3:32 pm Friday Nov 16, 2007)

Love is for losers and young beauty queens
That's what she told me but what did she mean
I figure the mystery lies somewhere between
Those lovers and losers and young beauty queens

Hey there, gentle reader. The beginnings of another lyric came to me while I was making my run. I will have to work on it some more and put it in the book somewhere for the characters to listen to sometime before the month is up if things work out.

(9:42 pm Friday Nov 16, 2007)

You see the problem I am facing now tonight gentle reader? How in the world am I going to do this?

(9:52 pm Friday Nov 16, 2007)

What blazing speed! I will surely finish soon. I may just have to write a little slower so you can catch up with your reading gentle reader.

*** 38' Cheoy Lee Ketch - Up Around Nun Jack, Abaco

Golden Child and Fred are snuggled up down below decks. After the little reception, Fred called a friend in Hope Town and borrowed the ketch for a little getaway for the two of them. They sailed up the next day and anchoured and spent the time since then getting to know one another better and doing a lot of talking.

It was a bit awkward as Golden Child was unable to speak of so much of her past life.

Fred had no problem and told her most everything and filled in a number of silences that had threatened to become a bit too drawn out.

He hoped that some day she might find a way to tell him more about herself and her early years, she assured him that she never would but that he should not take it personally.

He wondered if this situation would cause a problem in the future, but decided that now was not the time to worry over such things and that they could get by together no matter what.

For her part, Golden Child had not figured on the heavy price she would have to pay over such a seemingly simple matter. But when she had to look in Fred's eyes as she refused such a seemingly simple request on his part, his obvious inability to understand the situation and his obvious pain cut her inside. Deeply. But she figured that they could find their way through together and had no regrets despite the pain.

And it was by no means all pain. No, the joy was tremendous. Overwhelming almost. And, to tell the truth, almost non-stop.

*** Shack Near Beach

The phone rings and Jack rolls over and answers it, groggy. He had turned in early tonight, exhausted.


"Hey tiger, where have you been? You have been hard to track down these days. Did you forget me?"

"Sue? Listen, sorry, I have been meaning to call. Things have just been crazy busy and complicated."

"That's OK, I am glad I finally got a hold of you though. So, are we gonna go out dancing tonight then tiger? How soon can you make it here to pick me up?"

"Dancing? Uhhh... Look, the thing is, I am already in bed, asleep... Well, I was asleep, the phone woke me up. I am bushed. I think I may be coming down with something too. I feel a little something in my throat. I really should just go back to bed. Can we go out sometime next week instead?"

"Sure thing tiger. Do you need me to come over and take care of you?"

"Sue, thanks, but I think I just need to get some more shut eye."

"OK, then. I think I may just go out dancing with the girls tonight then. I am sure we can find some guys willing to dance if we look hard enough."

Jack does not really hear her, he is already falling back asleep. "OK, Sue, have a good night, see you later." And he is gone. Out like a light.

*** 38' Cheoy Lee Ketch - Up Around Nun Jack, Abaco

"Fred," says Golden Child, rubbing his foot with hers, "I am so happy. I can hardly believe we're married."

"You and me both sweets, I surely didn't figure I would be married for a long time, if ever. I don't know what you did to me, but you did it good."

"Me? You are the one who hooked me, you expert angler," she giggles as she jumps on him and pretends to try and pin him.

He gets loose with a fair amount of skill she notes with inner satisfaction. He has some ability there she thinks to herself. "Fred, will you get me some more of that wonderful conch salad you cut up today?"

"Right away sweets. I feel like some more my self. Was that hot enough for you, or do you want me to add some more pepper?"

"It was fine baby, but if you want to add some more, a little more would be OK with me."

Fred smiles, "What a woman I have for myself. She's hot and she's hot and she likes it hot. Mmmmm, mmmmuh!"

As he goes to the galley, a shaft of moon light strikes his face from a hatch, Golden Child catches her breath, she cannot believe how she can love this man so much in such a short time, but she does.

He puts on some music and adds some more goat pepper to the conch salad and then takes up two bowls, one for each of them.

I been checkin you baby
Vision's drivin me crazy
I used to be lazy
Now I'm workin real hard

Cause you to look my way
A long drive on the highway
We could park in the byway
Oh I'm workin real hard

Two hearts they could fly way
Way up in the sky away
My love's for real 'll not f-f-f-f-fade away
Oh I'm workin real hard

Come Monday or Tuesday
Everyone with a clue say
He don't know what to do hey?
Mmmm, I'm workin real hard

I been peepin you baby
Beauty's drivin me crazy
Got no time to be lazy
Yeah I'm workin real hard

They eat the salad and talk and laugh and kiss as the music plays and their lips begin to glow.

"Baby, I think you might taste even better than this salad."

"Well, I think you might even be hotter that this salad, so what do you say to that?"

"I like it."

Guess who just got back today
with Gill and Gussie from the Golden Gate?
Well she was looking good and I could hardly wait
to touch her.

She was walking on that crescent beach
with hair so blond she was out of reach
But her lips were rosy - I could hardly wait
to kiss her.

Now we're sitting on the sloping sand
she's leaning in, we're hand in hand
and the moonlight rides come rolling in
to greet us.

They finish their salads and Fred rests the bowls back in the galley and returns. "Come here sweet, I can't wait to kiss you anymore either."

Golden Child grabs him and pulls him back down into the berth.

*** A Lonely Room

Well gentle reader, it is still looking a bit bleak, but not as bleak as it looked a while back. Though I have not yet reached the day's quote, I have managed to get a decent number of words down on this virtual page for your reading pleasure, and, depending on your gumption, perhaps even for your financial benefit. You never know.

I have been thinking of working on the new ultimate slashdot business plan the last few days. ~;-) I can't remember the last ultimate slashdot business plan I came up with off hand, but it was a good one.

You may or may not be wondering about this slack use of the genteel word 'ultimate' gentle reader. If you are, you might be fairly unique in your wondering and if you are, you might now also be wondering about this misuse of unique as well. Well, are you really that naturally sophisticated?

So here we go:

1. Come up with ultimate, viral, mlm, slashdot business plan.
2. Put plan in sig on slashdot posts.
3. ???
4. Profit!

Tops, don't you agree gentle reader? Simply tops.

*** Shack Near Beach

Jack wakes up in a cold sweat, his covers are drenched and he feels hot and feverish. His dreams have been disturbed, he knows that in his bones, but try as he might, he cannot remember them.

He gets up and goes to the bathroom and brushes his teeth before using the loo. he washes up and splashes some water on his face. It feels cold. He pads out to the kitchen area and looks for something liquid in the fridge.

He looks out of the window to the bay and sees that Ronnie has Sam out fishing. Those two are a mis matched pair of friends, but they have both proven to be good friends lately. And mostly dependable. Jack figures he is lucky to have friends like them. Especially with what he expects to be coming up in the near future.

*** A Lonely Room

Well, gentle reader, I am getting seriously desperate. It is time to pull out all the stops, dig down in the old bag of tricks. Let's see here...

*** 38' Cheoy Lee Ketch - Up Around Nun Jack, Abaco

Wake up and sing me a song
And tell me that you'll love me all day long
And through the night until the morning comes again

Rise up and play me a tune
The kind of music makes a young man swoon
And pledge his heart beneath the summer moon again

Step up and give me a kiss
Soft and sweet from tender lips I've missed
Then turn right round and kiss me again and again

Jump up and give me your heart
Give it all I don't want just a part


"Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm."

"Come here big boy."


(11:43 pm Friday Nov 16, 2007)

*** A Lonely Room

Well, I am trying, but the old grey matter is a bit dry. I need something to lubricate the thoughts. To get the juices flowing. To get the words flowing...

Pouring out of the inner vastness that is uncharted mental territory. Well, let's just agree to refer to it as a vastness even if it, technically, may not be vast at all. It just sort of sounds cool, OK? Plus, it helps with the word count. I have to pull them out somehow. By hook or by crook.

(11:48 pm Friday Nov 16, 2007)

I am getting there gentle reader, one word after another. Right around a hundred more to go before I can afford to pack it in for the evening. More like for the night, but let's not quibble.

What now, what now?

*** Shack Near Beach

Jack decides to brew up some of his granny's special tea. He goes under the sink for some twice boiled Abaco water and pours some in the kettle on the stove. He lights the burner, right rear, with a safety match.

Then he goes into the cupboard above the stove and takes down some mason jars with various dried concoctions and begins preparations in earnest.

*** A Lonely Room

Whew! Done!

Just in the nick of time too...

(11:57 pm Friday Nov 16, 2007)

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