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Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 30

Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 30

(1:48 pm Nov 30, 2006)

"Life is for the living so carpe diem." (CB Desiray Ingraham : DT Omar Ferguson)

(2:11 pm Nov 30, 2006)

Well, gentle reader, it is the thirtieth of November in the year two thousand and six. This is the last day of the two thousand and six National Novel Writers Month and also more than likely the last day that I will be writing for you in this book 'Sayings' for a good while. I do want to try and keep writing at least something everyday though even if not at this level of verbiagalogical output. I have wanted to for the previous two years as well, but Novembers can be burn out experiences. I am hurting now. Let's hope I don't crash and burn and tomorrow find me a smoking wreak.

I want to go take a nap but I will try and keep writing. Please try and keep reading as it may encouragerize me enough to finish up quickly.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four, twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty, thirty one, thirty two, thirty three, thirty four, thirty five, thirty six, thirty seven, thirty eight, thirty nine, forty, forty one, forty two, forty three, forty four, forty five, forty six, forty seven, forty eight, forty nine, fifty! Ready or not, here I come!" said Nipps.

Nano laughed, this game was really getting out of hand now. He headed off to the north at high speed. So far Nipps had found him no matter where he thought to hide. This time he decided not to try and hide anywhere. This time he decided to hide in speed. If Nipps could never get close enough to see him then he couldn't find him then could he. What a plan.

(2:23 pm Nov 30, 2006)

Bing, Boom and Drake were still following that baggage train. Well, they weren't exactly following it any more, they had grown bored and decided to catch it up and ride on the back of the last baggage car. It was a good thing that 'Two pay' had a built in ice chest fully stocked with comestibles of the type normally transported in foil down in the islands. Without that, they would all be starving.

The had talked it over, but they couldn't decide if the train was just super slow, it hadn't seemed that way when crossing the hangar last night, or if the tunnel they were now in was just super long. If the train was moving at a reasonable rate of speed, where must they be now?

(2:33 pm Nov 30, 2006)

Petro and Loqui were on their way to London. On very short notice I might add.|

Petro was at work this morning when he got a call from Chloe saying she was on the ramp out at the FBO at Windsor Field, and that he should get out there as soon as he could. He was stunned and laughed. He got her number and said that he would call right back.

"Six to one and half a dozen to the rest." (CB Hope Shelly-Ann : DT Andrea Sawyer)

Petro had called Loqui right away and let her know what was going on and asked her if she could get away if he squared things with Chloe. Loqui then laughed and said yes, why not?

Petro had called Chloe back and put his plan to her. At first he sensed some reluctance and disappointment in her voice, but it had lasted for only a second or two. She had said, sure, just get out here quick and within an hour, they were airborne and heading out over the blue Atlantic bound for England.

(2:42 pm Nov 30, 2006)

Nano was laughing to himself as he continued North at high speed, so far, Nipps hadn't found him. The haze seemed to be clearing up a bit ahead.

Nano hit his air breaks! What the... The air ahead was clear, the gently rolling hills covered with grass gave way to gently rolling hills made of piles of luggage. Bahamascare baggage handlers were "busy" unloading a huge long luggage train and piling the luggage into new hills.

Nano stopped for a while and watched in amazement.

Bing, Boom and Drake were jostled as the train came to a stop. Why were they stopping here still in the tunnel? They decided to go ahead and investigate.

(2:50 pm Nov 30, 2006)

(3:04 pm Nov 30, 2006)

Da bruddahs and Drake could see light ahead. They picked up speed and made for what they could now see was the end of the tunnel. Yes, gentle reader, they really could see the light at the end of the tunnel.|

Just as they came out of the tunnel into the light...

"Ouch! Nipps! Why do you always do that? Can't you just find me? Why do you have to go and bite me every single time you find me?"

"I don't know Nano, I just have to, I think it's in my genes or something like that. I see you there and I just have to take a bite."

"Well at least next time don't go biting so hard then. That hurts!"

"I bet it did, you deserved it this time though."

"What do you mean I deserved it?"

"Jumping slick on me like that. Trying to hide in the wind. Don't think I didn't figure it out."

"You may have figured it out, but you would never have found me if I hadn't come upon this."

"What this... Oh! What in the world is this?"

"You tell me. I have no idea. Well, I mean, I see what it is, but what is it?"

(3:11 pm Nov 30, 2006)

"Nano, do I see what I see? Are those guys really making hills out of luggage? Why in the world would they be doing that?"

"No idea, Nipps, no idea."

They heard a loud yell coming from way off in the distance in the direction of a large hill covered in grass. "That sounded like Nano!" yelled Drake. "Nano! Is that you?"

There was no response. "I'm going to see if that was Nano, are you guys coming?"

"We might as well. Let's go."

"If a fish keep his mouth shut he wouldn't get caught." (CB Dion da Butcha : DT ??)

(3:17 pm Nov 30, 2006)

(8:06 pm Nov 30, 2006)

Well, not quite a temporal black hole, more like a break. I tried to take a quick nap and then went over to band practice. Then back and a dinner that I rushed too much.

Well, gentle reader, I guess I need to back track here for you a bit and fill you in on what happened earlier. Rewind the clock mentally, I will not rewind it in fact and put in altered times, just pretend we did it and I will tell you about this afternoon.

When da bruddahs and Drake came out of the tunnel, there was a large part of the baggage train already out of the tunnel and an even larger part still in the tunnel in darkness. Handlers were already taking luggage off of the exposed baggage cars and adding them to the growing hills of luggage and starting new hills on the empty flat tarmac that stretched to the horizon where the hills ended.

Drake thought he heard Nano and called to him but got no response. He headed towards a large hill in the distance where he thought Nano's voice had come from. Da bruddahs had followed on 'Two Pay' but could not keep up which surprised them. 'Two Pay' was fast.

(8:14 pm Nov 30, 2006)

When Drake got nearer the hill, he saw Nano and Nipps rowing with one another. He increased his speed even more and swooped down and tackled Nano and the two of them went tumbling down the hill like Jack and Jill. Luckily, there were no crowns broken. No bones at all as a matter of fact.

The two ended up at the bottom of the hill, laughing and shouting. Da bruddahs landed next to Nipps and the three of them looked on as the two dragons did a little dragon celebration and started a few fires that threatened to get out of hand before they got involved and calmed things down some.

"Where did you come from?"

"What do you mean, where id we come from? Where did you go? Where have you two been?" said Drake.

"We don't know where we are, or where we went to or where we have been, except we know we came from south of here. Back that way, a long way, over vast distances of these rolling grassy hills." replied Nano.

(8:24 pm Nov 30, 2006)

"Do you know where we are?" said Nipps, "Where did you come from?"

"You see that train coming out of that tunnel over there? We came out of that tunnel, at the other end is a Bahamascare under sea air base at the bottom of the tongue of the ocean. That's where we came from. Do either of you know what's going on here? Have you been watching this long?" said Bing.

"Only what you see," said Nano, "we just got here a little before you guys found us. The best that I can guess as to what's going on is that these guys are piling luggage into hills and then covering them up with grass. But if that's what's going on, that's totally crazy. There must be so much luggage back under those hills to the south. There's just no way. Plus, what's the point?"

(8:30 pm Nov 30, 2006)

"Live the life you love, Love the life you live, And most importantly, Leave people business alone." (CB Natural Empress : DT ??)

"Time out!" yelled Drake, "Let's just all go home. We can come back here later if we want to figure out what's going on. I just need to get back to the lair and get some sleep."

"You know something," said Nipps, "I second that motion. All in favour, say Aye!"


(8:40 pm Nov 30, 2006)

"The ayes have it, let's go," said Nipps.

With Nipps joining da bruddahs on 'Two Pay' and the dragons leading the way, they small band headed back to the tunnel entrance.

(9:14 pm Nov 30, 2006)

Now that, gentle reader, was unfortunately a little time warp, temporal black hole, event horizon type event right there right then. Almost a time vacuum cleaner. Or even a time whirlpool, swirling and pulling time down to the bottom of the ocean. Perhaps even down to the bottom of the tongue of the ocean.

And as we have seen, strange things happen down at the bottom of the ocean's tongue...

And now the end is near... Less than half a thousand words to the day's goal. And then... Shut down. Soon after...

Petro and Loqui are safe in London. They are on some corner where people keep taking pictures of themselves walking across a zebra crossing.

Earlier in the day (night) they had conducted a study on the packing densities of holes. This had proved entertaining for a while.

Bill Techero, remember him gentle reader? Big Bill is sitting on his front porch. Sitting on his duho. Unfolding time that has just come in on the mail boat from Andros. From the big yard. Come in in the sacks normally used to ship Andros crabs to the capitol.

(9:37 pm Nov 30, 2006)

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four, twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty, thirty one, thirty two, thirty three, thirty four, thirty five, thirty six, thirty seven, thirty eight, thirty nine, forty, forty one, forty two, forty three, forty four, forty five, forty six, forty seven, forty eight, forty nine, fifty! Ready or not, man I'm done!"

"Don't spit in the wind, it'll come back in ya face." (CB Colyn grant, aka Mo : DT ??)

"That's all she wrote." (CB Colyn Grant, aka Mo : DT ??)

Yes, gentle reader, I think I just heard Gussie start to sing.

Good night.

(9:47 pm Nov 30, 2006)

Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 29

Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 29

(5:03 pm Nov 29, 2006)

"A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush." (CB Wendell Gardiner : DT Laverne Gardiner)

Just getting started... Late... Suffering... And... Life interrupts art. Dogs need walking... Back soon...

(5:38 pm Nov 29, 2006)

Gentle reader, I am feeling really washed out as a result of yesterday, therefore, I may be totally out in left field for the rest of the day and perhaps tomorrow. We shall see.

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four, twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty, thirty one, thirty two, thirty three, thirty four, thirty five, thirty six, thirty seven, thirty eight, thirty nine, forty, forty one, forty two, forty three, forty four, forty five, forty six, forty seven, forty eight, forty nine, fifty! Ready or not, here I came!"

Nipps began his hunt for Nano. Now you may not know this, gentle reader, but playing hide and seek or kick the can, or any other game involving hiding or having certain other aspects when one of your opponents is a dragon can be very challenging indeed. Extremely challenging and this was the task that Nipps found himself faced with.

Nano and Nipps had not been found and had not figured out where they themselves were since those clouds had closed in about them yesterday. They found themselves in some hazy, indistinct place with gently rolling hills covered in waving grass. Gray, foggy-hazy clouds left the sun diffuse and almost cold.

(As an aside gentle reader, have I just discovered a great new NaNo padding trick? Or has this one been done before? Either way, I can see how it might be a life saver in certain situations.)

Now, the problem with playing these sorts of games with dragons is that they often will not restrict themselves to playing fair. How are you supposed to find a dragon who simply shrinks down out of site while you are counting instead of going and hiding like any normal player would?

(6:04 pm Nov 29, 2006)

Where did that block come from?

Let's leave Nipps and Nano to their little time killer and check in on Drake.

Drake is still flying search patterns. Ever widening search patterns. He tried calling BASRA and the US Coast Guard, but they refused to take him seriously when he reported a dragon and a sand fly lost over the tongue of the ocean. Then a thought hit him! Bahamascare! The tongue of the ocean! That underwater base! He was off like a flash. It took him a while to get back up to the tongue as he was down Inagua way when the idea struck.

Drake got over the tongue of the ocean just west of New Providence and then realised that those two soldiers hadn't actually spelled out exactly where this undersea airbase was. The headed in to Nassau to try and hunt Bing and Boom up.

(6:13 pm Nov 29, 2006)

"It'll be better before you get married." (CB Gina Knowles : DT Her children)

"Zotz, can you tell me whee to find Bing or Boom or do you know exactly where that Bahamascare base they told you about is?"

"Hey Drake. I don't know where the base is. I am not sure where those two are, but I think they may be over on PI getting a bite to eat over by the marina."

Thanks Zotz, do you know which restaurant? Which marina even?"

"The new marina I think, I don't know which restaurant, but those two like deli food and burgers so try those places first. Careful in those places though. This country doesn't need you scaring off the tourists. I really don't think they would like to see or smell a dragon on their vacation."

"Sure thing Zotz, I'll be careful. Thanks for the hints. Listen, I can't tell you how much I am worried for Nano, are you sure you can't do more for me to help me find him?"

"Drake, are you tired right now?"

"Zotz, I'm so tired it's not even funny."

"Right, me too. They'll be alright. I have a feeling that things will work out just fine. You may be surprised, but just keep looking."

"OK, I'm off to hunt up those soldiers."

(6:26 pm Nov 29, 2006)

(7:38 pm Nov 29, 2006)


Drake finally tracked Bing and Boom down at a little known local pub that operated out of the the old light house on the western tip of PI. I will not bother you with the details as to how he managed this feat.

"Bing, Boom, can one of you tell me how to find that Bahamascare base you two discovered the other day?"

"What tonight?" said Bing. "Why do you need to go there tonight?"

"Because NaNo and Nipps are still missing and I think that that place may be somehow related to their disappearance, that's why. Can you tell me where to find it?"

"Gee, Drake, I don't know if I could find it again at night. What do you say Boom."

"Drake, it is not gonna be easy, but I think you might have a chance if we went with you. I don't think there is any chance at all if we just try to tell you."

"Would you go with me? I have to try."

"I don't know Drake, we are both really wiped out after that rescue last night, are you sure it can't wait until the morning. The base will be easier to find in the day anyhow."

"What rescue? I need to try tonight. Please."

"It seems that Loqui and her cousin were caught in some strange storm yesterday on the way back from Pimlico and their engines and all of their electrical and electronics systems shut down on them. We came across them last night and had to tow them in. We need to sleep."

(7:57 pm Nov 29, 2006)

"It's like deja vu all over again." (CB Monty Roberts : DT ??)

"Guys come on, Nano may need my help. I gotta try find him. You're not the only tired ones either, I have been flying around trying to find him since yesterday. I am dead on my feet here too. Let's go. Now. Please!"

"Bing, let's go with him. We can crash tomorrow or the next day. I think we may be able to find it. Hey! I just had an idea Bing. You remember that captain Edgecombe who used to fly for Bahamascare but who was sort of forced to retire after that incident a long time back. I used to know his son quite well. I wonder if he knows where that base is and if so, if he would tell us."

"Boom, brilliant! Is he still alive though? Is he still around here?"

"Both, he lives out in the back of Cow Pen Road down a dirt road that end near Bonefish Pond."

"Let's go then!"

The soldiers hopped on 'Two Pay' and Drake leaped into the air and spread his tired wings.

(8:11 pm Nov 29, 2006)

Drake had a hard time keeping up with da bruddahs on 'Two Pay' but he managed. before long, they were swooping down on a little cottage at the edge of a swamp. There was a man sitting on a porch smoking a pipe and reading a book with the light from a lantern.

He looked up startled as they came into his field of vision.

"Hey captain. Remember me? Your son used to play with me years ago."

"Ya know, you do look familiar. Were you that soldier that used to win all the races?"

"Not all the races, but yeah, that was me." said Boom.

"Captain, listen, we have a problem that we wonder if you may be able to help us with."

"Always happy to help with problems if I can boys, what can I do you for?"

"It's like this. Drake here has a friend Nano who went missing yesterday in a strange storm over the tongue of the ocean. He heard that we had found a Bahamascare base down there at the tongue of the ocean the other day. Drake thinks that the the base may somehow be tied in to his buddy's disappearance."

(8:28 pm Nov 29, 2006)

(8:42 pm Nov 29, 2006)

My how time flies.

The good captain was unwilling to give away much, but he gave enough of a hint that sent them on their way. A large hint. he told them to go and line up the western point of the triangle made by the Windsor Field runways with the western tip of Lyford Cay. Then go out four point two miles from that same tip of Lyford Can and head down. He told them that that might help in their search but that he could not give an guarantees.

As soon as they had this hint, they were off like one of those proverbial bats that like to hang around the caves out in the western end of the island.

"True, true!" (CB Noelle Roberts : DT ??)

Well, the base was not on the bottom where they went down and they wondered at first if they had miscalculated or misunderstood.

It wasn't long though before they gave a silent prayer of thanks for the good captain. They were within sight of a flight path oh the planes landing.

(8:54 pm Nov 29, 2006)

When they entered the hangars to begin their search for Nano and Nipps, they were completely taken aback. The soldiers had been astounded from the outside, but from within, things were even more unbelievable.

The number of planes lined up inside were an order of magnitude greater than the number they had seen outside on the first day. What in the world could Bahamascare need with all these planes? The scale of the operations was astounding.

After looking around in a fairly aimless fashion for a short while, they saw some lights coming towards them from way down a long corridor.

The lights got closer and closer and they ducked behind some filing cabinets that were standing inexplicably in the middle of the floor near where they were.

Soon they could see that the lights were on the front of an enormous, wheeled baggage train. It was pulling hundreds of huge baggage cars with each car loaded to the brim.

(9:01 pm Nov 29, 2006)

It came out of the one corridor and across the vast hangar space only to enter another corridor on the other side of the hanger. They decided that they might as well follow it.

(9:11 pm Nov 29, 2006)

"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty one, twenty two, twenty three, twenty four, twenty five, twenty six, twenty seven, twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty, thirty one, thirty two, thirty three, thirty four, thirty five, thirty six, thirty seven, thirty eight, thirty nine, forty, forty one, forty two, forty three, forty four, forty five, forty six, forty seven, forty eight, forty nine, fifty! Ready or not, here I came!" said Nano.

Nano grinned as he began his hunt for Nipps. That little sucker did not give up. No wonder sand flies tormented humans and other animals so much. They just did not give up. It had taken Nipps hours to find Nano, but find him he did. Even when Nano had resorted to moving his hiding locations to ones where Nipps had already searched, shrinking down to almost nanometre sizes, becoming translucent, whatever. It did not seem to matter. Nipps just kept right on looking until he found Nano. And then, after all of that, he refused to tell how he had done it. It was frustrating in the extreme. Well, Nano planed to make up for it by finding Nipps in record time.

(9:20 pm Nov 29, 2006)

And here I must leave you tonight gentle reader. I have a project that I mentioned earlier that I have to work on for my friends in the band. It needs to be done before practice tomorrow.

Good night, gentle reader.

(9:21 pm Nov 29, 2006)

Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 28

Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 28

(5:38 am Nov 28, 2006)

"Whe you is?" (CB Janet Turnquest : DT ??)

Good morning, gentle reader, are you awake yet?

I wish I wasn't. I woke up this morning before the three changed to a four on my clock. Try as I might, I have been unable to go to sleep again.

And so I write.

The dogs have been let out, the kettle has boiled, the tea is steeping, the dogs have been let back in on account of barking and kindness to the neighbours.

And so I write.

(5:54 am Nov 28, 2006)


Tea is ready and first sips have been sipped.

(6:19 am Nov 28, 2006)


(3:52 pm Nov 28, 2006)

So here I am again at the bookstore, gentle reader, mid week this time, we shall see if anyone else shows up. I really should be doing a better job as a municipal liaison.

Maybe next year if I get to do NaNo again. I would like to if it works out, we shall see. Will you join me and write your novel too?

Petro was feeling antsy. He wanted to leave work early today so that he could get home and get ready and get to Loqui's place by six or six thirty at the latest.

The problem was that several things were going wrong that needed his attention. For some reason, the DNS server was acting up again. Then, there was an issue with the PBX and voice mail combined with call forwarding.

He also had taken on a little support contract for a cousin over in Key West recently and the cousin wanted help with some web site and XML issues. Rains. Pours. Pours.

Should he call Loqui now and tell her he might be late? Should he change his plans with her? Should he put off everything except the Key West work until tomorrow? Could he put it all off until tomorrow?

He decided to call Loqui now to give her a heads up and also to put off all he could. he didn't see his cousin in IRC so he sent him an email message and an instant message. He would give him until four thirty to get back to him.

(4:11 pm Nov 28, 2006)

That was cutting things close. Loqui wasn't answering her phone. Plans. best laid. Oh well. What could a body do?

Danger was up in Green Turtle Cay today. She had arrived on the ferry in the middle of the day and was an instant hit.

The school children were enchanted by her stories. Many were especially interested in her stories of Scotland as Danger had traveled that country extensively before her, what shall we call it, island adventure. It turns out that Danger had learned a little more of the history of these islands during her brief time in the islands so far. She was a consummate story teller and held the children spell bound as she entertained and educated them as well.

Tonight, Danger was due to provide an evening of story and song and traditional dancing at a local establishment on one of the island's hills. Since you can't get there for the event in time, gentle reader, as this is once again an asynchronous writing time for me, I will not specify which establishment or even which hill. Asynchronous writing time. Long hand. Typing to come later. (Which is now... 9:32 pm same day.)

"Zotz, have you seen Nano?"

"Drake, how are you doing? You look worried! No, I haven't seen Nano. He is normally with you. What happened?"

"Zotz, we were flying in from Andros. When we took off, the sky was clear and visibility was great. Then, not long after we were airborne, well, not long after we got out over the tongue of the ocean, the sky started turning a strange green colour and reddish purple clouds closed in on us."

"Drake, this ain't going to be some long, rambling story where you end by pulling my leg is it?"

"No Zotz, this is not a tall tale, this is serious. I'm worried about Nano!"

"Drake, Nano is an old dragon. I am sure he can take care of himself. He'll be OK. Don't worry."

(4:36 pm Nov 28, 2006)

"Two wrongs don't make a right." (CB Timothy Nottage : DT ??)

"I hope so Zotz. It took me six hours to fly from Andros to Nassau. I can normally make that flight in eight to ten minutes. Cruising. Something is not right. Do you have any of your special ways that you can use to check up on him for me?"

"Drake, I'm sure he'll be fine. Look, give it a day or two and if he doesn't show, I will pull out all the stops for you." I just need to keep going here for a bit."

(4:43 pm Nov 28, 2006)

"Whatever you say Zotz, but don't let anything happen to Nano or you and I are gonna fall out. And I will hound your characters for the rest of my natural born days. Plus for the rest of my unnatural born days as well."

"Drake, why are so many of you making threats towards me this year?"

"I don't know Zotz, maybe you just aren't treating us like you should this year. Some times I get the feeling that we are just after thoughts for you this year. Like we don't really matter. It's not a nice feeling at all."

"Well, you're probably half right Drake. You guys are somewhat after thoughts sometimes these days. But it's not that I Don't care about you. Not at all. It's just that I'm preoccupied and even more than that, I am rushed all the time this month. I feel like I shouldn't be, but I am."

"Yeah well, I don't know how much I am going to be able to help your right up in now myself. I feel like I am going to be too preoccupied until Nano is back safe."

"Well Drake, that's understandable. Listen, go look for him if that's what you feel you need to do. I think I can at least get through the day so long as Doc and Nipps come through with at least a little bit of help."

"Zotz, you're not gonna like this. Doc and Nipps were hitching a ride with Nano. I haven't see them since we got up in those clouds earlier."

"Drake, you should have told me. Man! What am I doing to do? Three characters missing in mysterious circumstances. Listen. I am sure they will be fine. I just don't know how I am going to manage for the next few days until they show. Let's hope it doesn't take a few days. If we're lucky, they may show up in an hour or two. Look, Drake, can you do me a favour and see if you can find Bing and Boom for me before you start your search for the missing?"

"Zotz, I would like to do that for you, but the sun will be setting soon and I really want to do a little searching while I still have some daylight left. Would it be OK if I didn't?"

"Sure Drake, you go ahead. If I can round them up, I will see if they will join you in the search as well. I need you guys to help me finish up this book this month. Good luck. Where should I send da bruddahs to search?"

"I am going to try and re-trace my route and then fly a grid coming back. Why don't you send them in a big wide circle leaving in a south west direction?"

"Will do Drake, take care and good luck!"

(5:13 pm Nov 28, 2006)

"If you have one good friend in your lifetime, you are blessed." (CB Camille Roberts : DT Jack Graham)

(5:19 pm Nov 28, 2006)

Ah gentle reader, what can I do? Three characters missing. And this part of the world is not one of the better parts of the world to go missing while flying or at sea. I have a feeling that Drake might be able to pull a rabbit out of a hat though. The two soldiers might have some success on their new carpet as well.

Petro is still stuck at work. He got caught up in that Key West job and couldn't get away. To make matters worse, he still couldn't get Loqui on the phone. It seemed like chances were good that this night would be bad. That it would not work out anything like he had planned. Mice and men again. Mice and men.

Loqui and Big Byte were getting more than worried. They were adrift in a go fast boat that Bit Byte had borrowed from a friend for a day trip up to Pimlico. On the way back, they had run into a strange storm which had shut down their engines and messed up their radio and other electrical and electronic systems.

They had drifted for several hours in water that looked deep enough that they did not want to throw out the anchour. Finally, they had passed over a reef that rose out of the depths. Big Byte threw out a grapple and let out enough rope to give a decent ratio. Then they waited, scanning the horizon for passing vessels. So far, they hadn't seen any. Darkness was deepening.

(5:43 pm Nov 28, 2006)

(5:50 pm Nov 28, 2006)

Mini block and time warp there, gentle reader.

Bing and Boom are cruising at eight thousand feet. they are making about two hundred and twenty knots and scanning the waters below and the sky around them with powerful search lights that they have loaded aboard their cool new rug. They have nicknamed it the 'Two Pay'.

They have been flying around the islands for the last couple of days looking for evidence of sunken wrecks. They had remembered some old maps that they had come across in the cellars when they were playing hide and seek as children. When they had found them years ago, they had played with them for days, playing pirates some days and on other days, dreaming themselves to be great adventurers on the trail of pirate gold. One day, one of the adults had almost discovered them with their find though.

They had hidden the maps away again in what they were sure was an even better hiding place, but they must have gotten involved in other childhood pursuits as they had forgotten the maps until a few days ago when Boom had remarked that you could see a sunken pirate ship from the vantage point of the carpet. When Boom said that, something fired in Bing's memory...

They had been flying search patterns ever since. Mostly just on a lark and to enjoy the flying. They knew that they didn't have much chance of finding anything until their new equipment arrived.

(6:04 pm Nov 28, 2006)

"Come clean even if you come rough dried." (CB Steven Nottage : DT ??)

(7:25 pm Nov 28, 2006)

Well, gentle reader, I am back in my cave at my computer. I am not in IRC mode though because I am once again typing this into AbiWord. Once again, I don't want to put off writing new words while I type previously written words from my paper to my computer. I never thought that choosing the IRC experiment this year would complicate the process so much. I expected some difficulties with lack of full screen editing abilities, but not all of these other complications. Oh well, live and learn.

(8:00 pm Nov 28, 2006)

Time is getting slippery again. Creative Commons mailing list emails instead of fiction, oh my!

Mmmmm. Guava duff.

"Hey Boom, do you see any thing over there on the horizon? I think I saw a flash."

"Where Bing?"

"Look, at ten o 'clock, see? There."

"Where... Yes. I think I see a glow."

"Let's go see what that is."

They change their direction and headed towards the light.

"Boom, I think that is a flare."

"Take us down and closer man, there must be a boat in trouble down there."

Loqui and Big Byte had seen the lights in the sky and fired off a flare. They cheered when the plane changes direction.

Neither of them know what to think when a carpet swooped down out of the sky and circled around thirty feet over their heads.

They were even more dumbfounded when the carpet dropped lower and they saw two soldier crabs hanging on to the fringes at the front. Hanging on for dear life amidst all the lights and gear piled on the top side of the carpet to overflowing. There was even gear hung from the underside of the carpet.

The carpet came to rest in midair tend feet off the surface of the sea and ten feet from the boat on the port side. An LED sign of the sort used to advertise in store windows lit up and words began to scroll by...

"Do you want us to throw you a line and try and tow you in, or do you want us to notify BASRA and let them send a boat?"

Big Byte and Loqui took a while to get over their astonishment and then talked it over for a while. They were hard pressed to reach a decision. It felt somehow wrong to get towed by a flying carpet, besides that, would it even be able to tow them. On the other hand, they had been out here way too long already and the seas were far from calm. Rolling at anchour was not the best thing when it came to sea sickness. In the end, they decide to chance a tow and Big Byte yelled their decision across to the soldiers.

"OK, throw us a line and get ready to pull up your anchour aw we pull you up to it."

"Can you believe this Loqui, rescued by two soldiers on a flying carpet, lit up like some UFO and talking to use with an advertising sign. We are gonna have some serious stories to tell that no one will believe after this."

(9:03 pm Nov 28, 2006)

And good night.

(11:00 pm Nov 28, 2006)

No, really. Good night!

Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 27

Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 27

(3:15 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Hard head, soft behind." (CB Jamal Rodgers : DT ??)

Yeah, but at least ya een ga make good soup.

(4:04 pm Nov 27, 2006)

As you can see, my fingers are flying, my brain is hitting on all twelve cylinders, my words are flowing, ideas weaving themselves into a tapestry of great beauty and grandeur.

Well I fried it and baked it.

I done stirred it and shaked it.

And I have authenti-faked it for sure.

(4:24 pm Nov 27, 2006)

So I am supposed to be writing, but instead I am watching #rivendell at learning a lot about scheduling and logs and the like.

At least I think I am learning.

Oops, life interrupts art again, troubles at the station, gotta ssh in and troubleshoot. Be back in a bit. Hopefully.

(4:43 pm Nov 27, 2006)

Done. I think the DNS server was a bit wonky there. Stopping and starting bind seems to have made things better. Let's hope it lasts.

Art imitates life and life interrupts art. I hope this guy Art knows what he is doing.

Temptation. Frustration. Temptation. Libation. Ovation.

These words come tripping over one another. But there is not fantastic light to be seen here anywhere just now. Perhaps later in the night. Perhaps a lamplighter will join us.

Words that come. Agree. Disagree. Words that go. Around and around. Words that hide. When you want them. When you need them. Desperately. Desperately. Desperately indeed. You need them soft and smooth. But they're not there. Nowhere to be found. Gone and long gone. Will they ever return. Perhaps, next year, a proper plot and outline will entice them to gather and stay.

Dare I hope for a theme? Or is that the essence of hubris and over reaching.

Is it indeed better to shoot for the moon and perhaps at least fall among the stars?

(4:59 pm Nov 27, 2006)

(5:39 pm Nov 27, 2006)

(6:36 pm Nov 27, 2006)

A theme, per chance a dream. Ah, to know roughly where the story was going before beginning, to know what scene to write next. To know my character's backgrounds and motivations. To even know what my characters look like! What luxury. next year, gentle reader, next year. I make no promises mind you. I do hope to try though.

Life is really doing its best to completely derail the art train tonight. Rivendell keeps beeping at me. Mailing lists are very active with interesting posts, all calling to me for immediate attention. Phone calls, family, oh my!

"Bing! Boom! Where are you guys? I need help! Can you hear me?"

"Zotz, what are you doing calling on us for help? You were like nowhere to be found when we called for you urgently yesterday and now you are calling for us?"

"Yes guys, yes I am calling on you. I need major help here. Go out and see if you can buy me any words at the market tonight. There may be some left on the shelves over in Florida after the big sales recently."

"Florida? You think they're gonna let us in the US? We can't get visas Zotz. And you don't wanna see our police certificates. I'm not sure you could lift either of them to tell you the truth. Hehe."

(6:55 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Two heads are better than one." (CB Tamika Brice : DT ??)

Ouch gentle reader, I just remembered that I don't have the remaining two sayings that I need for the night. Trouble.

"Listen guys, could you see if you can round me up some sayings from around the country and I will see if I can scare up Nano and Drake for the Florida excursion. They have been scarce lately."

"Alright Zotz, but only because we go way back. Oh and you can find Nano and Drake over in Andros if you didn't know."

"Thanks guys. Good luck to us all."

"Sure, later on mabeezo. We're out."

(7:10 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Zotz. Are you there?"

"This is Zotz, who is trying to get me? Nano or Drake? I was just thinking of you two, I need help."

"No Zotz, this is Fryer Tucks. There are some crazy things going on out here that I think you need to know about. Can I patch you into a video feed?"

"Yeah, I think we can manage that. What do you need me to do?"

"Well, first, what's your IP address?"

It would be easier if you can just contact me at Zotz.dynamicbind.nut please."

"Yeah Zotz, I can get you there but what are you doing in the .nut domain?"

"Well, I thought about the .bs domain but I thought I would prefer to go with .nut!"

"Yeah, I could see that. OK, I am pinging you now. Listen, could you open up port 12354 on your firewall if it isn't open already?"

"I can open the port, but I don't run services on the firewall so what good is that gonna do?"

"Oops, sorry, I need you to go to and download that program from there."

"Tucks, that is my program, what good is that gonna do you? I have that here on this box already."

"Zotz, I know it is your program, what you are unaware of is that I have made certain key changes to it which you may not have yet. just get it and we can proceed."

(7:29 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"OK, just a sec... Right, I have it, now what?"

"Run it please."

"OK, it's running. What next?"

"Right, listen carefully, click on edit mode, and the button should change from red to green, then click on the button on the bottom right, Cut:C9:R9, click Set Button Label, change Cut:C9:R9 to foodoo and click set, then close those two small windows, then click back to play mode, then click on the foodoo button."

"Man, that's a load, OK, I think I have it, now what?"

(7:51 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Go in da bush an bruk um, shuck em and gee um." (CB David Darville : DT ??)

(8:09 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Zotz, are you there, hello?"

"Sorry Tucks, had to run out in the car for a while there. I'm back now though. So, ah, what do I have to do now?"

"Well, if you still have the soundwall program running, there is now a server running on that port I told you earlier so just forward that port from your firewall to the box you are running the soundwall program on."

"OK, what was that, port 12345 right?"

"Close, port 12354 is closer though."

"OK, just a sec, let me log into my firewall and change the configs."

"Shout when you are done."


"Zotz! What's wrong? Oh, funny. Here comes the video feed then. Let me know when you start getting it."

"OK, a window just popped up, yes, I've got video."

"Right, if you click on the help button on the main soundwall window now, it will save the video feed to a file for you."

"Cool, but how in the world did you get access to my account to make these changes?"

"I've got a few tricks up my sleeve Zotz, let's just leave it a that."

(8:17 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Listen Zotz, while you're watching, would you like me to shoot you some notes and stored video as well?"

"Yeah, Tucks, you might as well. You want to email them or what?"

"No, I will just send them down the same link that the video is coming in on now. I have that ability with the client I have running at this end."

"Fire away then. So what is this I am seeing now, Is this the room where the meetings have been taking place?"

"What, the microwave oven room? No. That room is much bigger. This room here couldn't hold all the people at those meetings. I have been snooping around and I have found this room here where a sub-set of the players meet secretly-secretly to make even more secret secret plans. I don't thing they want the larger group to know what they are planning."

(8:30 pm Nov 27, 2006)

(9:00 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Tucks, this is amazing stuff, i am gonna have to take some time to try and digest and process this stuff. This is explosive. The thing is, I don't think anyone will believe this if I just put it out bald like this."

"It sure is, listen, if the feed happens to drop or bog down, don't worry. I am riding on these guys sat link and my program monitors their bandwidth usage moment to moment and shapes its traffic accordingly. Since I have been here they have never stopped using prodigious amounts of bandwidth so it is easy for me to hide my stuff in there without throttling."

"Well, how in the world are they using that much bandwidth out on the high seas?"

"Zotz, these boys have their own bird up there from what I can tell. They are doing so much from this ship it boggles the mind."

(9:11 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Gone for dat!" (CB Patrick Turnquest : DT ??)

Wow, gentle reader, the action in #rivendell is still hot. I think I have learned a good amount today from that channel despite how much it has hindered my art and my time with you."

(9:31 pm Nov 27, 2006)

Time is getting slippery again, gentle reader, and, as everyone knows, what gets slippery soon get out of hand. And when time gets out of hand... Watch out! For some people. Just kidding, I know that is out of context.

So, Petro and Loqui are really beginning to hit it off. All of that concern earlier in the month over whether they would ever get together and things just seemed to have worked themselves out in that department. Obviously we can't say for sure yet if she will indeed is the future Mrs. Stone as Petro thinks, but things are looking so much better now than before that I could actually see it happening. Wish them luck, gentle reader. Oh, an I know Loqui look good an erryting, but don't go try an roach Mr. Stone OK? leave him be for a few months at least to see what he can accomplish.

"Zotz, are you there?"

"Tucks? You don't sound right! Is that you?"

"Who's Tucks?"

"Never mind, who you is?"

"Zotz, dis me now, Doc."

"Doc, where you is? Is Nipps with you?"

"Zotz, me an Nipps is down here in Andros with Nano and Drake. What you been up to?"

"Yinna down in da big yard wit' da dragons? What yinna doin'?"

"Zotz man, we just down here recuperatin' like. We catching some a dat R an R along with some a dat B an B. Plus soakin' in some a dat di hydrogen monoxide. Ya know, dat H2O!"

"Yes, but where is yinna exactly?"

"Well, I can't exactly say exactly, I een gat ma GPS. One ting I know, we is way back in da bush. I never been dis far back in da bush before Zotz, tings is even a little spooky back up in here. But dis blue hole soakin' is proper though. Ya can't get enough a dat. I tell you dat!"

(9:49 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"So listen Doc, can you let Nano or Drake shout at me for a sec?"

"Sorry, Zotz, no, not now. Those two are out at some local crab races they they hold in secret down here in da back a da bush. I think they have laid out a scale replica of the old Hobby Horse Hall in Nassau down here an dey race crabs as da horses wit' wasp fa jockey. I tell ya Zotz, I haven't seen this many dream book fa long time."

"Well listen Doc, I really need those two dragons, after tonight, I have three more days of writing to finish up this contest, but I mays well tell ya, tings is tough. I need big time help. Tell dem two shout at me as soon as dey reach back."

"Sure thing Zotz, listen, I'm off to the races now my own self, have a good night."

"Doc, if I could get some decent sleep, it will be a good night. You got any diagnosis for me Doc?"

"Now Zotz, you know I is not ya family doctor. Later fa you."

"Good night Doc."

(10:04 pm Nov 27, 2006)

Good night, gentle reader.