Thursday, November 15, 2007

Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 15

Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 15

(2:30 pm Thursday Nov 15, 2007)

*** A Lonely Room

Here we go again. Another day, another dollar.

(3:44 pm Thursday Nov 15, 2007)

*** Shack Near Beach

Ronnie is sitting on the porch working on his laptop...

Vee Be Lug Nutz

Friends! Welcome to Vee Be Lug Nutz.

You number one and only source for all your lug nut desires.

Now friends, there are other places around that might do a passable job of fulfilling most of your lug nut needs. Yes, granted. But can they fulfill your lug nut desires? Can they fulfill your lug nut dreams? No!

Friends, that's why you need to come to Vee Be Lug Nutz for all your lug nut desires. We cam meet and exceed all of your expectations when fulfilling your lug nut desires.

Now friends, some people in this world are on the down and out. They can't really afford the luxury of having lug nut dreams or lug nut desires. And so they have to settle for meeting their lug nut needs.

Now friend, if that is where you find yourself today, don't go messing about with those other guys. Sure, they may be able to meet your lug nut need today. Or they may not. Why take the chance? Why waste your precious time? Why pay more? Come to Vee Be Lug Nutz, we guarantee that we will meet your lug nut needs for less than the rest. Or your money back. Mumble, mumble, mumble very fast like.

But friend, maybe you are no longer on the down and out, or maybe you never were on the down and out, maybe you were even one of those born with that proverbial silver spoon in your mouth.

Friend, have you moved beyond the mundane realm of thinking only of your lug nut needs? Are you ready to move into the exciting realm of Lug Nutz desires?

If you have moved into that lofty realm of Lug Nutz desires, don't even bother thinking about Lug Nut City or House of Lug Nuts. Why waste your even more valuable time? Come direct to Vee Be Lug Nutz. Sit down with one of our professional Lug Nutz Desire Engineers. Together with our engineer's complete desire team, you can come up with a plan for fulfilling your Lug Nutz desires. Our engineers have a full desire staff on call should they be needed.

We have lug nutz image consultants.

We have lug nutz makeover specialists.

We have lug nutz performance enhancers.

We have lug nutz historians.

We have lug nutz financial specialists.

If it matters in the world of lug nutz desires, we have them and our lug nutz engineers can call them in to the meeting at a moments notice. We have an iron clad, no delay, guarantee.

So, let your lug nutz desires run wild, don't be seen driving around town with run of the mill, utilitarian lug nuts for another day. Come and see us at Vee Be Lug Nutz. We will give you a Lug Nutz Kustom upgrade today and Kustom build you a set of lug nutz to meet your personal lug nutz desires in one week or less after you give the go ahead to our engineer.

Come on in today friends. You will not regret it.

Make a statement as you drive around town. Let your Lug Nutz tell the world that you are someone to be reckoned with.

And for you who are one of those rare few who in earlier days might have been robber barons, or even barons and earls, we have our very special luxury lug nutz department.

Sam is reading over Ronnie's shoulder. "Donny, ma man, you are seriously weird. What in the world is that all supposed to be about?"

"Sam, this is a script I am working for a new video I want to shoot and put up on the net video sites. What do you think?"

"I think you should try and do something more worthwhile with your life is what I think."

"Just because you like to be up the top of poles all day long in the sun, that does not mean some of us don't have larger dreams and aspirations you know Sam."

"Oh, I have dreams Donny, just not lug nut dreams like you."

(4:11 pm Thursday Nov 15, 2007)

"You say right there with your negative, no can do attitude, Sam. Me, I's a man who takes a progressive view these days. People are making good money on the internet these days doing all sorts of things. Blogging, writing, music, videos, there is so much p2p-tential out there that it is staggering. Virtually staggering. I een ga be doing these passin time jobs fa the rest a my natural born days. I am making plans and progress."

"Man, you are one serious pie in the sky thinker, I give you that."

(5:41 pm Thursday Nov 15, 2007)

(5:51 pm Thursday Nov 15, 2007)

*** A Lonely Room

Ten minutes, gone. Gone where? To some temporal washing machine in the sky? To disappear like some sock knitted from the fabric of time, while its twin remains to baffle the laundry man for the rest of time?

Gentle reader, I need to ask you to take a trip back in my literary time machine, let me take you back to last night over on Paradise Island. We need to go back and re-join Jack and Sarai, getting ready to to eat a nice, fresh cooked meal.

*** A Not Quite So Mega Yacht 'Risin Tide' In A Marina On Paradise Island - the night before

Jack takes a deep breath through his nose, enjoying the aroma. He is about to take a nice bite of fresh tuna that he has seasoned just right with sour orange and goat pepper.

"Permission to come aboard!"

"Jack and Sarai look down to the dock to see Mandy standing there with her right hand at her forehead in a salute, grinning ear to ear.

"Permission granted!" laughs Sarai, returning the salute.

Jack is struck dumb. For a while.

Mandy climbs up the stern onto the after deck and Sarai indicates a chair beside Jack. Mandy plops down. Jack looks at her and then at Sarai and then back at Mandy. They are both grinning ear to ear.

"Someone got some secrets they haven't been sharing?" asks Jack.

"Not me," says Sarai, all innocent like.

"Never. Well, not that I will admit to at least."

"Wait, you two know each other?"

"Not exactly." says Mandy, who turns to look at Sarai, "You are Sarai Andersson, right?"

"Yes, and you must be Mandy, I was told I might expect you tonight, would you please join us for dinner?"

"You are too kind, I would love to, that is, if Jack here can manage having dinner with me two nights in a row."

"Don't mind him, the food is right and he will be fine," Sarai replies, pouring another glass of Asti for Jack.

"I hope you are not driving again tonight Mr. Kato."

"Oh, I'm driving alright, but not until a lot later. It may be tomorrow by then."

(7:11 pm Thursday Nov 15, 2007)

this aint california anymore
this aint california anymore
this aint california
this aint california
this aint california anymore

this aint oklahoma anymore
this aint west virginia that's for sure
this aint south dakota
this aint south dakota
this aint carolina anymore

"There you go again Mandy. How do you do it? You made some kind of super spy copy of my player and memorized all the lyrics or something? Did you use that as a way to meet me?"

"Jack, get real, I wouldn't take you for some paranoid person."

And then 'Baby Why Fight The Feelin" came on and they all stopped eating and joined in singing and playing air guitar. Well more like air band. Mandy played air guitar, Jack air bass, and Sarai, air drums. The captain came out and played air keyboards for them. They really rocked it out. Some people in the marina stopped to watch.

when you're home and lonely
on a friday night
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

when the days grow longer
and the night's too bright
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

when your best emotion's
either fight or flight
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

when your heart comes crashin
to the ground at night
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright
baby why fight the feelin
ya gonna be alright

(7:22 pm Thursday Nov 15, 2007)

The song ended and they all laughed and sat back down to finish their dinner.

"So, Sarai, I think I have Jack convinced to help me out with a little project, I want to ask you if you might be willing make Rising Tide available for a few weeks to help out with the project as well."

They spent some time talkin and making plans and it ended up sorted and amicable. Good. Jack took his leave and left the two of them talking at about midnight.

(7:53 pm Thursday Nov 15, 2007)

*** A Lonely Room

So, gentle reader, I need to let you in on what happened with Golden Child and Fred Malone.

It went back and forth for quite a while. Finally, Golden Child realized that she did have a preference after all and that she would prefer to stay with Fred and never see her people again.

She came to this realization when she figured out that if they were to take the other option, they would likely be sent to the moon or even on the mars mission. This is something she knew in her heart that she did not want to do. And so she let Fred know of her desires and he let her know that, while he was willing to have things go either way, he preferred to stay home at least for the time being and that her choice made him very happy.

They were married this morning aboard the yacht, it having put out into international waters. In the afternoon, they were put ashore on the beach on Guana Cay and the Yacht put to see amid tears and joy. Fred pulled together a reception on the beach with his friends and family. Shocked the whole settlement. No one ever figured him for the marrying kind.

(8:55 pm Thursday Nov 15, 2007)

(9:24 pm Thursday Nov 15, 2007)

*** A Lonely Room

Oops. Well gentle reader, a bit of procrastination there. Looking up trivia on the movie Help which my daddy was in according to family stories. Parts were shot here. My dad is supposed to be the batter in the softball game if my memory wires aren't crossed.

I guess I need to get my hands on a copy and go frame by frame in that scene and see what I can see.

I was trying to find the location of the ball field on sat pictures on the net. Again, if my memory circuits aren't all crossed up, it was somewhere out off Thompson Boulevard. On the left before you get to Prospect Ridge, heading west.

I have a vague childhood memory of being taken out around caves point when there were still caves there as that had some connection to the shoot. Not sure about that either. Very dim memories.

Gentle reader, if you happen to know more, please fill me in.

(9:30 pm Thursday Nov 15, 2007)

*** Shack Near Beach

"So, Sam ma man, you wanna star in my new Vee be Lug Nutz video?"

"Don't be such a fool Donny, you know I am not into things like that, get Jack."

"Please, Sam. You expect me to buy that line? Come to think of it, Jack would be better for the part though. Yes. Yes, you really aren't right for the part."

"What do you mean I am not right for the part?"

Ronnie laughs...

(9:44 pm Thursday Nov 15, 2007)

*** A Lonely Room

And that's all for tonight gentle reason.

(9:44 pm Thursday Nov 15, 2007)

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