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Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 22

Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 22

(9:12 am Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

(1:34 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

*** A Lonely Room

How bout them apples, Fearless Reader?

It is a good thing that when we went to see that Tortoise and Hair race over The Other Other Other Far Side Of The Galaxy way that none of that hair had such finely developed procrastination abilities or we might have still been over there now.

OK, that was a panic...

I was just doing some leo chapter re-arranging of this book and I thought I had lost a day's work. I found it though, just mis-placed. The other day I actually had deleted it and had to go pull my backup off of another machine on the far side of the internet to get back what I had lost...

So, Fearless Reader, should you ever decide to become a Fearless Writer, a fearful writer, or if you already are a writer of any sort, I caution you not to be a Fearless Writer when it comes to making backup copies of your work.

I mean, sure, it is ONLY a book, and in this case, a simple NaNo book, but the fear that blossoms inside when the thought that you have lost a goodly part of it is not a pleasant feeling.

I truly feel for those poor unfortunates who actually do lose their writings. I really hope I shall never find myself in that position again. I know I have already lost some of my works from earlier years for one reason or another.

Say ninety plus five and a quarter inch floppy based backup sets that were not much good years later after sitting around in these semi tropical parts.

I had hoped to do a double word day today and be any to hit a NaNo Winning fifty thousand words tomorrow, but that is not looking too likely at this point.

(2:00 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

*** A Decaying Orbit Around Mars

(Now, I don't know if you have ever been around a decaying orbit before, but it reeks I can tell you that!)

So the slightly green postage stamp on the luscious pink envelope are in this decaying orbit and things are not looking so rosy despite this being the Red Planet and all.

In fact, things are beginning to stink. And the envelope is not all that amused by the situation I can tell you that.

I mean, traipsing all about the place with a slightly green postage stamp riding shotgun and providing motive power is one thing, but having to stick it out for days in a decaying orbit was quite another thank you very much and if you please sir. And so she was making rumblings and threats about getting ready to bail on the whole situation and pull a return to sender ploy if things did not improve drastically... and pronto!

The slightly green postage stamp thinks that the luscious pink envelope sounds fairly serious about about this return to sender ploy so he pulls them out of a decaying orbit which was really only a slightly decaying orbit and puts them into a steep dive towards the surface of the red planet.

(2:18 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

*** The Surface Of The Red Planet

The women of the colonization team are engaged on tunneling into the surface of the red planet so as to keep their colony from being discovered by the probes of the various space agencies who are becoming more and more interested in this particular planet.

So, imagine how surprised they are when the the slightly green postage stamp on the luscious pink envelope zoom by so fast that they left only the barest after image in the women's peripheral vision.

The all stopped what they are doing and looked around, trying to see what they thought they had seen.

"Did you see that sister?"

"See what sister?"

"I don't know it, but did you see it?"

"I am not sure, but I think I saw something. Look! I think we all think we saw something" she says, keying up her long range radio mod. Did any of you see what that was?"

No one had, no one was even sure that they had actually seen anything. No one, that is, except for a teen aged member of the group that said she had an impression of mail.

Well, the other misunderstood her and thought she said male and were instantly on their guard. They had not come this far and invested so much to have things derailed at this point by males.

When she corrected the misunderstanding, they all broke down laughing.

"Mail! Going that fast!" and they all burst out into a fresh rounds of laughter.

(2:33 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

(2:50 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

They all laughed and cracked up and made jokes about the speed of mail and mail vans with flashing lights on top and the fruit cake that was sent off from ancient Egypt just before the ancestors of the children of Israel moved down there in the first place. Now this fruit cake was being sent by Pharaoh to a Chinese emperor what he had met at a frat party at college. So he put on the proper postage and sent it off by camel post.

Imagine the surprise caused by that cake when it finally got delivered to the Albert Hall just before a sold out concert by the greatest rock band ever. Now that was something.

After they finally settled down and caught their breaths, and the stitches in their side eased up, they got back down to work.

(3:10 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

The slightly green postage stamp on the luscious pink envelope settle down lightly on a craggy cliff overlooking the women's work site to watch the goings on for a while.

*** Shack Near Beach

(3:33 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

Ronnie had fallen asleep at five am still in brain dump mode and fallen out of the chair to slumber on the floor.

He woke up in the afternoon feeling like death with major serious dragon breath. You might wonder if Nano and Drake were about. They may very well be. We will have to see what develops as we go along.

He crawled into the bathroom and brushed his teeth with a toothbrush that could use replacing soon and some baking soda that he dumped out of a box he had found in the fridge. It tasted a bit odd but he had run out of tooth paste a few days ago and had not made it to the store yet.

He jumped into the shower for a quick rinse and then toweled off. He wrapped the towel around his waist and went to the kitchen to look for a bite to eat.

He fried up some bologna and sliced up some tomatoes and cheese and some unsliced bread and made himself a sandwich and headed back over to the computer to dive back into brain dump mode.


Well I don't know if I love you any more
Said I don't know if I love you any more
No I don't know if I love
Yes I don't know if I love
Well I don't know if I love you any more

Well I don't want your hugs and kisses any more
Said I don't want your hugs and kisses any more
No I don't want your hugs and kisses
Yes I don't want your hugs and kisses
Well I don't want your hugs and kisses any more


(3:49 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)


He pops into his leo program to make some random notes...


Things to do:

Read those novels online by that whacked out guy by the name of drew... the one who goes by zotz most places online where he shows up.
Try and come up with some topics for this month's bslug meeting which has been put off until next month. typical Bahamian play.
Work on that podcast / bittorrent publishing platform.
Try and get freecast running for the Free NetRadio Station.
get rivendell installed and set up on that new box.
Research innovative four step business plans.
Get a dspam filter working to cut down on all this spam.


(4:02 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

Sam shows up and interrupts...

"Hey Donny, have you heard?"

"Heard what Sam?"

"The yacht Jack was one went down, most of the crew made it OK, but Jack, Sarai and that new woman he met recently, Mandy were all out doing something when it happened and they did not make it with the others and they haven't been found since. It doesn't look good."

"Are they out looking? Who is doing what?"

"Well, BASRA is out and the US Coast Guard has sent a cutter and some choppers. The flying club has some planes up, but so far, nothing."

"Is there anything we can do?"

"We can pray Donnie, that's one thing that could help."

"I did too much praying at the end of a stick to want to do much these days Sam, but for Jack's sake I may offer up one or two in the night."

"I am sorry you still feel that way Donny, but I would be happy to know you are doing what you can."

"Look, I think I may put a call in to my people up on the island and see if any of our boats are in the area and if they may do a little looking for us."

"Let's do all we can Donny, I have a dinner with the Prime Minister tonight. I am going to ask him if he can get the defense Force involved. I tried calling him on his cell, but NaTelCo seems be down."

"You are going out to dinner with the Prime Minister?"

"No, he is coming over to my mother's house. She has known him since they were children and they still get together for old times every once in a while."

(4:38 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

"I didn't know that Sam. You think he might do it?"

"I don't know Donny, but I am trying most everything I can think of. Look, I have to run. I am going by those friends of Jack's who have planes to see if they can take me for a search tomorrow."

"OK, I am going to try and raise my people as soon as you head out to see what they can do."


"Later Mabeezo."

Sam leaves and Ronnie fires up his Ekiga and tries to make a sip call up to Spanish Wells.

(5:09 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

The phone answers and his sister is on the other end, "Hello?"

"Hey Josie, I need you to do me a favour."

"Ronnie, is that you? Let me call momma."

"Josie! No!" but it was too late she was gone. He can hear her calling his mother in the distance.

"Momma. Momma! Ronnie is on the phone from Nassau!"

"Ronnie? Hum coming. Tell im I vill be there soon. tell im don't ang hup."

"HOK, momma." she says and then picks the phone back up. "Ronnie, she will be here soon. She says don't hang up."

"I heard her Josie, but I need to speak to you before you put here on. Please, this is important. Promise me. If you put her on I will not get to tell you thin for an hour or more. Please sis!"

"OK, promise, what is it?"

(5:26 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

Before he can begin he hears his mother arrive in a rush on the other end.

"Josie, hum ere. Give me the phone."

"He says he needs to tell me something important before I put you on momma."

"Don't be such a fool girl, more important than his momma, give me the phone."

"Momma, he made me promise."

"Girl, give me that phone." Ronnie hears a little struggle and then his mother comes on, "Ronnie, baby, ow you dohin?"

"Mom, please put Josie back on, this is important."

"Ronnie, I haven't spoken to you in weeks and now you don't wanna talk to your Momma?"

"Mom! Of course I want to talk to you, I just need Josie to do an important favour for me and then while she starts on that, we can talk all you want to!"

(5:34 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

(10:35 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

"Ronnie, don't talk to you mother like that. You have been doing that since you were a young boy and I kept telling you that having attitudes like that would get you in trouble. Did you listen to your momma? No! And look at all the trouble you have ended up in in your life so far from not listening to you momma."

"Ma, sorry, I gotta go, bye, I will call you another day soon." says Ronnie as he clicks on an icon and disconnects from his mother. He hated to do it, but sometimes there is no stopping her for hours once she gets going and he really did not have time for that tonight.

He would just have to call someone else up there on the island and see if he could get someone else to look into things for him.


He decided to try his cousin Brad, but Brad did not have a sip line. If only his sister had not gone for his mother first thing. He sat back down to the computer and went into the rare_squoper channel on IRC (server not specified on account of security considerations) and saw that Brad was at least showing as being there and so he pinged him.

ping noBradjustfact
yo da Don - what is going on with you cuz?
look, cuz,I have a friend who has gone missing, the yacht he was on went down and he is missing along with two other people.
sorry to hear that cuz, why did you ping me?
well, i am checking to see if any of the Smack Boats are out over Abaco way where they could maybe take a look for them for me.
I will do some quick checking and get back to you soon, can you hang here until then
sure, ping me when you are ready, I am gonna keep working in another window while I wait
will do, bbiab
no probs cuz, thanks

(10:58 pm Thursday Nov 22, 2007)

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