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Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 23

Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 23

(2:48 pm Friday Nov 23, 2007)

(3:08 pm Friday Nov 23, 2007)

*** A Lonely Room

I seem to get off to flying starts like this on way too many days gentle reader.

But today, that's OK. Why? because if all goes well and the electrickery company does not mess with me, I will cross the fifty thousand word marker by the end of the day, submit my file and become an official winner for the fourth year in a row. All the years I have entered.

2007 - Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel
2006 - Sayings - Deterred Bahamian Novel
2005 - Tings - Anuddah Bahamian Novel
2004 - Conch - a Bahamian Novel

So far, I think none are very good, but Conch is the best. If I can find a plot for it, it might even turn out half way decent after rewriting.

The others? Well, other than their world class greatness, I don't hold out much hope for them. There are things in each that I really like mind you. But...

Well, you tell me...

I must tell you, getting these words out today just feels really sweet. It is not that I am going any faster. Not that they are flowing with any more ease. Not that I have had some flash of inspiration today that was lacking on other days. No. no to all of those. In fact, things have been better on some of the days so far. no, what feels so sweet is that I can feel it in my bones. Fifty thousand is close at hand.

Close at hand and with each word that comes creeping out of my fingers and enters my computer through my old and ragged keyboard brings me one word closer to that lofty goal. A keyboard with a space bar that often decides not to actually work. A decimal point on the numeric keypad that is equally problematic, and a few other quirks.

Lofty for me in any case.

(3:20 pm Friday Nov 23, 2007)

And so it just feels really sweet today. There is a smile trying to break out on my face right at this very moment. Well it just did! Along with a silent chuckle. Sweet. Sweet! SWEET!!!

(3:37 pm Friday Nov 23, 2007)

*** Marshy Areas On The Eastern Part Of Grand Bahama Island

After being in the water for way too long for comfort. Tied together to avoid getting separated, our three water logged friends washed up on a bit of land out on the eastern part of Grand Bahama Island.

They are in a bad way, but alive. There is a chance they would be gone now had it not been for their wet suits and dive gear. They wash up, not knowing where they are and with no sign of civilization in sight.

At least they are alive.

They stumble up the scraggly beach and fall down in exhaustion. Sleep claims them despite the bright sun.

(5:26 pm Friday Nov 23, 2007)

*** A Lonely Room

Wow, time slipping away again and I need to correct it gentle reader, but... like I mentioned,it does not mess with that underlying simple joy that comes from knowing the the goal is so near.

The tortoise and hair race was a good addition to this novel this year. A race to the finish but this one where everyone who crosses the line under the time limit are all winners.

Such an excellent race concept. I need to explore other areas where such racing conditions could make for fun and excitement.

Let's go now and look in on the Cheoy Lee Ketch up around Nun Jack gentle reader. yes, they are still up there. Wonder what they have been doing up there all this time? I will leave it up to your imagination gentle reader. They are newlyweds and all after all.

I think it safe to say they have managed to get closer than the dance though.

*** Beach On The Far End Of Nun Jack, Abaco

(5:34 pm Friday Nov 23, 2007)

Well, the lottery did not pay off for Fred, largely on account of his not having purchased any tickets. Well, even if he had bought a bunch, it is likely that it would not in any case, but you never know. As to the other matter though... The strangest thing happened...

He and Golden Child had been walking hand in hand along the water's edge on that fine, fine white beach around the corner to where they were anchoured when they had spotted a forlorn can of spam sitting up amidst the sea weed just above the high tide line.

"Oh look, a can of wild spam, careful, it may attack!"

"Goldy, I's a man is a true 'conian, I been hunting these wild spam and their fresher kin since I was a boy. One lone can of wild spam is not enough to worry me my sweet."

Fred starts to walk toward it boldly.

"Honey no! Be careful, it may be a boar can. Its family may be around here too. If he is protecting his sow and spamlets, he could turn really mean!"

Fred laughs and bends down to pick up two sticks of drift wood and an old conch shell. He passes one of the pieces of wood back to Golden Child, "Here sweety, you keep a sharp eye out and warn me if you see anything out of the way. You have my back now, I am counting on you."

(5:47 pm Friday Nov 23, 2007)

Fred crouches down in a hunter's squat and approaches the dangers can of wild spam crab wise, his drift wood in his left hand and his conch shell in his right. When he gets within four feet of it, he motions Golden Child to be quiet and to get low. He slowly inches closer...

Closer... Then he pounces. He misses the spam by the barest fraction of an inch with the conch shell but manages to stun it with the follow on blow from the drift wood.

A vigorous tussle ensues, sand flies everywhere. The sounds of a pitched battle ring out. Grunting, whooping, wild screams. Fred is on top for a brief moment and attempts to put the spam into a lock, but then is reversed.

Golden Child comes to his rescue but he warns her back, "No! Goldy! It is too dangerous right now, stay back.I need room to operate."

The spam makes a break for the brush above the beach, seeking escape but Fred is up in a moment and in hot pursuit. he catches it well before the beach runs out and manages to stun it with the drift wood again. He howls a wild howl of glee and it is all Golden Child can do not to break out in howls of laughter.

After a bit more wild and loud struggle,the spam now makes a break for the water, "Get it honey, before it gets away! it is almost to the water!"

Laughing, Golden Child takes aim with her piece of drift wood, using it like a spear. She lets fly with amazing power and accuracy. The wood hists the spam hard and dead centre. It goes right through the can and deep into the soft sand of the beach below. It makes a strange sound when it comes to rest.

Fred sits up with surprise on his face.

"What was that?"

"Nothing. I just got lucky I guess."

"No. What was that sound?"

"What the stick hitting the spam can?"

"No, the other sound that came after that one. I think the stick went in and hit something down in the sand," says Fred dashing over and dropping to his knees and starting to dig with wild abandon using his hands to throw up large amounts of sand in a steady rhythm. It is obvious that he has dug on beaches before.

It is not long before he uncovers a small chest, still intact though looking much the worse for wear.

Golden Child looks on in delight and wonder. "What do you think it is?"

"I don't know. Let's take it back to the boat and open it up and see."

(6:09 pm Friday Nov 23, 2007)

*** 38' Cheoy Lee Ketch - Up Around Nun Jack, Abaco

They swim the chest out to the Cheoy Lee and Goldy climbs up the ladder while Fred holds on to the ladder with his right hand and to the chest with his left.

Golden Child stands up and turns around getting ready to reach down for the chest when she spots a large dark shape out in the clear water, streaking towards her new husband, "Fred! Drop the chest and get up here as fast as you can!"

There is something about the tone of Golden Child's voice that causes Fred to drop one of his childhood's fondest dreams and climb that ladder as fast as he can. No arguments, no questions.

It is a good thing too because a good size bull shark comes streaking in and getting very aggressive around the boat. it attacks the rudder and the keel and then proceeds to attack one of the anchour rhode.

*** A Lonely Room

(7:08 pm Friday Nov 23, 2007)

Well, gentle reader, the electrickery company struck. Another case of the No Voltage Blues today. The same as yesterday. Bam, it goes off for no reason. Shut everything down including turning off the UPS. Only to come on withing ten or twenty minutes. Now, don't get me wrong, I am very happy that it was not off for longer, but why in the world would it need to go off for such short periods both yesterday and today?

Here you go again:

The No Voltage Blues

I got the no voltage blues
I got the no voltage blues
Yeah, B.E.C. is messin with me
I got the no voltage blues

My U.P.S. is beepin
It wakes me from my dream
And man she was a sweet ting
Ate least thats how it seemed

I got the no voltage blues
I got the no voltage blues
Yeah, B.E.C. is messin with me
I got the no voltage blues

My A.C.'s sittin quiet
My room is gettin warm
I lie right here and sigh it
Aint no sign of a storm

I got the no voltage blues
I got the no voltage blues
Yeah, B.E.C. is messin with me
I got the no voltage blues

I'm tryin to write my novel
In thirty short, short days
And now just like the last year
Gots to pray they change their ways

I got the no voltage blues
I got the no voltage blues
Yeah, B.E.C. is messin with me
I got the no voltage blues

Welcome to my world as I often tell my wife.

(7:18 pm Friday Nov 23, 2007)

Getting oh so very close to fifty thousand right now gentle reader, probably just passed it somewhere in here. Let's see shall we?

Just a second...

Yes! SWEET! In this draft I am now officially over fifty thousand words by my count using wc here. I guess I better see what the NaNo word counters say so give me another second if you would be so kind.

Yes! The NaNo counters tell me I have fifty thousand and sixty seven words and my progress bar is now GREEN! Woot!


Celebrate! There is a smile on my face and I am laughing. That feels good!

(7:50 pm Friday Nov 23, 2007)

Wow, cross that line and slow right down...

(8:00 pm Friday Nov 23, 2007)

And basically come... to... a... complete... stop...

Noooo! Not quite enough for that complete stop just yet gentle reader. Close, but if I can just manage to squeeze out another sentence or two, I should be good to go.

This is a good news night all around I guess. I crossed the NaNo line and got my green bar, and I just had a phone conversation about a house that I have been "selling " for years. It looks like it may be all done from my point of view in a week or so. Hopefully before the month is out.

If that happens, it will certainly be a time to have a little party.

(8:08 pm Friday Nov 23, 2007)

And now I really can come... to... a... complete... stop...

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