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Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 27

Danger - A Safe Bahamian Novel - Day 27

(3:15 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Hard head, soft behind." (CB Jamal Rodgers : DT ??)

Yeah, but at least ya een ga make good soup.

(4:04 pm Nov 27, 2006)

As you can see, my fingers are flying, my brain is hitting on all twelve cylinders, my words are flowing, ideas weaving themselves into a tapestry of great beauty and grandeur.

Well I fried it and baked it.

I done stirred it and shaked it.

And I have authenti-faked it for sure.

(4:24 pm Nov 27, 2006)

So I am supposed to be writing, but instead I am watching #rivendell at learning a lot about scheduling and logs and the like.

At least I think I am learning.

Oops, life interrupts art again, troubles at the station, gotta ssh in and troubleshoot. Be back in a bit. Hopefully.

(4:43 pm Nov 27, 2006)

Done. I think the DNS server was a bit wonky there. Stopping and starting bind seems to have made things better. Let's hope it lasts.

Art imitates life and life interrupts art. I hope this guy Art knows what he is doing.

Temptation. Frustration. Temptation. Libation. Ovation.

These words come tripping over one another. But there is not fantastic light to be seen here anywhere just now. Perhaps later in the night. Perhaps a lamplighter will join us.

Words that come. Agree. Disagree. Words that go. Around and around. Words that hide. When you want them. When you need them. Desperately. Desperately. Desperately indeed. You need them soft and smooth. But they're not there. Nowhere to be found. Gone and long gone. Will they ever return. Perhaps, next year, a proper plot and outline will entice them to gather and stay.

Dare I hope for a theme? Or is that the essence of hubris and over reaching.

Is it indeed better to shoot for the moon and perhaps at least fall among the stars?

(4:59 pm Nov 27, 2006)

(5:39 pm Nov 27, 2006)

(6:36 pm Nov 27, 2006)

A theme, per chance a dream. Ah, to know roughly where the story was going before beginning, to know what scene to write next. To know my character's backgrounds and motivations. To even know what my characters look like! What luxury. next year, gentle reader, next year. I make no promises mind you. I do hope to try though.

Life is really doing its best to completely derail the art train tonight. Rivendell keeps beeping at me. Mailing lists are very active with interesting posts, all calling to me for immediate attention. Phone calls, family, oh my!

"Bing! Boom! Where are you guys? I need help! Can you hear me?"

"Zotz, what are you doing calling on us for help? You were like nowhere to be found when we called for you urgently yesterday and now you are calling for us?"

"Yes guys, yes I am calling on you. I need major help here. Go out and see if you can buy me any words at the market tonight. There may be some left on the shelves over in Florida after the big sales recently."

"Florida? You think they're gonna let us in the US? We can't get visas Zotz. And you don't wanna see our police certificates. I'm not sure you could lift either of them to tell you the truth. Hehe."

(6:55 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Two heads are better than one." (CB Tamika Brice : DT ??)

Ouch gentle reader, I just remembered that I don't have the remaining two sayings that I need for the night. Trouble.

"Listen guys, could you see if you can round me up some sayings from around the country and I will see if I can scare up Nano and Drake for the Florida excursion. They have been scarce lately."

"Alright Zotz, but only because we go way back. Oh and you can find Nano and Drake over in Andros if you didn't know."

"Thanks guys. Good luck to us all."

"Sure, later on mabeezo. We're out."

(7:10 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Zotz. Are you there?"

"This is Zotz, who is trying to get me? Nano or Drake? I was just thinking of you two, I need help."

"No Zotz, this is Fryer Tucks. There are some crazy things going on out here that I think you need to know about. Can I patch you into a video feed?"

"Yeah, I think we can manage that. What do you need me to do?"

"Well, first, what's your IP address?"

It would be easier if you can just contact me at Zotz.dynamicbind.nut please."

"Yeah Zotz, I can get you there but what are you doing in the .nut domain?"

"Well, I thought about the .bs domain but I thought I would prefer to go with .nut!"

"Yeah, I could see that. OK, I am pinging you now. Listen, could you open up port 12354 on your firewall if it isn't open already?"

"I can open the port, but I don't run services on the firewall so what good is that gonna do?"

"Oops, sorry, I need you to go to and download that program from there."

"Tucks, that is my program, what good is that gonna do you? I have that here on this box already."

"Zotz, I know it is your program, what you are unaware of is that I have made certain key changes to it which you may not have yet. just get it and we can proceed."

(7:29 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"OK, just a sec... Right, I have it, now what?"

"Run it please."

"OK, it's running. What next?"

"Right, listen carefully, click on edit mode, and the button should change from red to green, then click on the button on the bottom right, Cut:C9:R9, click Set Button Label, change Cut:C9:R9 to foodoo and click set, then close those two small windows, then click back to play mode, then click on the foodoo button."

"Man, that's a load, OK, I think I have it, now what?"

(7:51 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Go in da bush an bruk um, shuck em and gee um." (CB David Darville : DT ??)

(8:09 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Zotz, are you there, hello?"

"Sorry Tucks, had to run out in the car for a while there. I'm back now though. So, ah, what do I have to do now?"

"Well, if you still have the soundwall program running, there is now a server running on that port I told you earlier so just forward that port from your firewall to the box you are running the soundwall program on."

"OK, what was that, port 12345 right?"

"Close, port 12354 is closer though."

"OK, just a sec, let me log into my firewall and change the configs."

"Shout when you are done."


"Zotz! What's wrong? Oh, funny. Here comes the video feed then. Let me know when you start getting it."

"OK, a window just popped up, yes, I've got video."

"Right, if you click on the help button on the main soundwall window now, it will save the video feed to a file for you."

"Cool, but how in the world did you get access to my account to make these changes?"

"I've got a few tricks up my sleeve Zotz, let's just leave it a that."

(8:17 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Listen Zotz, while you're watching, would you like me to shoot you some notes and stored video as well?"

"Yeah, Tucks, you might as well. You want to email them or what?"

"No, I will just send them down the same link that the video is coming in on now. I have that ability with the client I have running at this end."

"Fire away then. So what is this I am seeing now, Is this the room where the meetings have been taking place?"

"What, the microwave oven room? No. That room is much bigger. This room here couldn't hold all the people at those meetings. I have been snooping around and I have found this room here where a sub-set of the players meet secretly-secretly to make even more secret secret plans. I don't thing they want the larger group to know what they are planning."

(8:30 pm Nov 27, 2006)

(9:00 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Tucks, this is amazing stuff, i am gonna have to take some time to try and digest and process this stuff. This is explosive. The thing is, I don't think anyone will believe this if I just put it out bald like this."

"It sure is, listen, if the feed happens to drop or bog down, don't worry. I am riding on these guys sat link and my program monitors their bandwidth usage moment to moment and shapes its traffic accordingly. Since I have been here they have never stopped using prodigious amounts of bandwidth so it is easy for me to hide my stuff in there without throttling."

"Well, how in the world are they using that much bandwidth out on the high seas?"

"Zotz, these boys have their own bird up there from what I can tell. They are doing so much from this ship it boggles the mind."

(9:11 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"Gone for dat!" (CB Patrick Turnquest : DT ??)

Wow, gentle reader, the action in #rivendell is still hot. I think I have learned a good amount today from that channel despite how much it has hindered my art and my time with you."

(9:31 pm Nov 27, 2006)

Time is getting slippery again, gentle reader, and, as everyone knows, what gets slippery soon get out of hand. And when time gets out of hand... Watch out! For some people. Just kidding, I know that is out of context.

So, Petro and Loqui are really beginning to hit it off. All of that concern earlier in the month over whether they would ever get together and things just seemed to have worked themselves out in that department. Obviously we can't say for sure yet if she will indeed is the future Mrs. Stone as Petro thinks, but things are looking so much better now than before that I could actually see it happening. Wish them luck, gentle reader. Oh, an I know Loqui look good an erryting, but don't go try an roach Mr. Stone OK? leave him be for a few months at least to see what he can accomplish.

"Zotz, are you there?"

"Tucks? You don't sound right! Is that you?"

"Who's Tucks?"

"Never mind, who you is?"

"Zotz, dis me now, Doc."

"Doc, where you is? Is Nipps with you?"

"Zotz, me an Nipps is down here in Andros with Nano and Drake. What you been up to?"

"Yinna down in da big yard wit' da dragons? What yinna doin'?"

"Zotz man, we just down here recuperatin' like. We catching some a dat R an R along with some a dat B an B. Plus soakin' in some a dat di hydrogen monoxide. Ya know, dat H2O!"

"Yes, but where is yinna exactly?"

"Well, I can't exactly say exactly, I een gat ma GPS. One ting I know, we is way back in da bush. I never been dis far back in da bush before Zotz, tings is even a little spooky back up in here. But dis blue hole soakin' is proper though. Ya can't get enough a dat. I tell you dat!"

(9:49 pm Nov 27, 2006)

"So listen Doc, can you let Nano or Drake shout at me for a sec?"

"Sorry, Zotz, no, not now. Those two are out at some local crab races they they hold in secret down here in da back a da bush. I think they have laid out a scale replica of the old Hobby Horse Hall in Nassau down here an dey race crabs as da horses wit' wasp fa jockey. I tell ya Zotz, I haven't seen this many dream book fa long time."

"Well listen Doc, I really need those two dragons, after tonight, I have three more days of writing to finish up this contest, but I mays well tell ya, tings is tough. I need big time help. Tell dem two shout at me as soon as dey reach back."

"Sure thing Zotz, listen, I'm off to the races now my own self, have a good night."

"Doc, if I could get some decent sleep, it will be a good night. You got any diagnosis for me Doc?"

"Now Zotz, you know I is not ya family doctor. Later fa you."

"Good night Doc."

(10:04 pm Nov 27, 2006)

Good night, gentle reader.

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